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- CRITICS HEAP PRAISE on 'Envy' (Beauty & the Seven Beasts):

"The score is readily approachable and immediate in its appeal. Highlights included Lewis Murphy’s channelling of Richard Strauss in Envy" (The Stage)


"A special mention, perhaps for soprano Chiara Vinci’s role in Envy, in which she appears as ‘Allure’. A singer who specialises in the creation of new roles, she seemed brilliantly at home in this hilarious character study of the self-obsessed." (Seen and Heard International)

- AUDITIONS OPEN in Leeds for ARC 23, with performances scheduled for 7th - 9th July 2022.

- ORCHESTRE DE PARIS announces 2022/2023, including performances of 'Belongings' (May 2023)

- 'Paper & Tin' is still ON TOUR, with performances this month at primary schools in Mexborough and Cambridgeshire.

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